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Choosing a hybrid flower strain is a great way to achieve a balanced high. Many people prefer hybrids due to their unique and diverse effects.


Each hybrid strain has its own percentages of sativa and indica. They contain variable amounts of CBD, too. That means that the effects of each strain vary widely.


Some hybrid CBD hemp flower is sativa dominant, while others are indica dominant. A strain that’s 80% indica will have effects that are more similar to an indica strain, but with certain changes.


Some hybrid strains we recommend include London Pound Cake (indica-dominant), Rock Tuna (indica-dominant), Crystal Coma (sativa-dominant) and Mimosa (sativa-dominant), McFlurry (50/50 sativa/indica).

It can be hard to predict how each strain of hybrid cannabis flower extract will affect you. Click on each whichever strain(s) you’re interested in to learn more and see whether its effects are right for you. 

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