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Is My Weed Too Old? The Duration of Dankness

Before we get to the answer, here are some storage tips to give your weed a fighting chance against the ravages of time. Store weed in glass or stainless steel, keep temps ~70*F.  Humidity should be consistent in the jar, so open it as little as possible if the weed is properly cured. Properly cured […]

Is Weed Even Cool Anymore or Has Legalization Caused It to Lose Some of Its Lustre?

My cousin was born a month before me. Like many people today, he tried his first hit of weed well into his adulthood. It was at nearly 30 years old that I had the great pleasure of introducing him to his first bong hit. We sat around his living room floor in Huntington Beach like […]

Several Methods for Producing Cannabis Concentrates… and Some Pros and Cons

There are several methods for producing cannabis concentrates, each with its own set of pros and cons. Some common methods include: Solvent-Based Extraction: This method involves using a solvent, such as butane, propane, or alcohol, to extract the desired compounds from the cannabis plant material. The solvent is passed through the plant material, which dissolves […]

DO Try This At Home: 20 Quick And Easy Edible Recipes

So, here are 20 pretty great, easy recipes for making edibles at home. While we are admittedly very much of the mind to leave these sorts of things to the experts and aficionados, we are also all in for experimentation, trying new things and messing around in the kitchen. So, why not try some of […]

What Is Microdosing? The Benefits And Risks

Microdosing refers to the practice of consuming very small amounts of a substance, such as a psychedelic drug, in order to experience its effects at a sub-perceptual level. With microdosing, the goal is not to experience the full, intense effects of the substance, but rather to use it in a way that can potentially enhance […]

Why Marijuana Hemp Is Such An Important Commodity

Marijuana hemp is quickly becoming one of the most important commodities in the world. Its many uses, from producing textiles, paper and building materials, to its healing and medicinal properties, affirm that marijuana hemp is an incredibly versatile plant garnering a great deal of attention from consumers, businesses, and governments alike. In this article, we […]

5 Tips for Managing the Marijuana Munchies

If you have ever smoked cannabis, you are probably quite familiar with the munchies. You know, that overwhelming craving for a sweet and/or salty snack that comes on at some point after smoking some weed? Although a common side-effect of cannabis use that can be very beneficial to a medical patient needing to increase their […]

How to Help Your Friend Try Weed for the First Time

Marijuana is most often enjoyed with friends, and maybe you have a friend who hasn’t yet tried it but wants to. While it’s always exciting to share something you enjoy with your friends, they need to be able to enjoy themselves too. A bad first experience can ruin the opportunity to share more of what you like with them. […]

Working Out and Marijuana: Yes Please! 

Many athletes, both casual and professional, take the phrase “runner’s high” quite literally, by adding a bit of herb to their exercise regiments. In this article, we examine pairing cannabis and exercise, and how to maximize the benefits, as well as one’s enjoyment of said pairing. Weed As a Motivation to Exercise Interestingly, adults who […]

10 Historical Figures Who Used Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana in certain parts of the globe is significant, but cannabis has been a around for a long, long time and was quite popular among some of history’s greatest and most celebrated figures. After reading this, you’ll understand just how much of an impact cannabis has had on our world. #1: George […]