B Plus Magic Mushrooms


The B+ is a very popular strain, highly sought after for her large fruits. Often mistaken for an Azurescens for the versatile characteristics, this is also an original Cubensis strain. If you like to see a magnificently strange creation of nature, then this is your mushroom! It takes all kinds of sizes and shapes, it’s beautiful, it’s potent and it grows easily. We can’t get enough of it!



B+ Mushrooms Review

Psilocybe Cubensis B+ Magic Mushroomsis claimed to be the best seller and a preferred shroom among mycologists and beginners. It is a popular shroom strain that is known for its reliable performance and richness. Besides, this is a psilocybe cubensis B+ strain. Thus, psilocybe cubensis B Plus shrooms is a psychedelic mushroom species.

B Plus mushroom has two active elements; psilocin and psilocybin. Therefore, it is the most well-known psilocybin shroom. Its popularity is established since psilocybe cubensis are easy to grow and widely distributed.

The history of B+ Plus has some mystery. The myth claims that a devoted grower, Mr. G, from Florida, developed this strain. Thus, such cultivation produced a fantastic strain that has been the best-selling mushroom strain since the 90s.

What is more, B Plus mushrooms are the most resistant strain since you can throw the substrate in your garden and find it growing in the same place. How amazing? A strain that will continue giving.

For a more detailed breakdown of Magic Mushrooms, visit our comprehensive Shrooms Guide.

B+ Mushrooms: What is it?

B Plus mushroomsgot its name because of how large and beautiful its mushrooms can grow. In some cases, the mushrooms can be up to thirty-five cm high.  Moreover, B+ mushrooms are amongst the most productive strains that have been created. However, it might lead to faint nausea when you eat them, dissimilar to other strains.

B+ cubensis is not only incredibly positive, but it is also highly creative. Because of its warm, friendly, and positive buzz, this strain is ideal for novices searching for a lighter trip. Moreover, you can consume about three to four grams in dosages, which can offer a buzz that lasts for 2-3 hours.

Nonetheless, if you need a heavier trip, consume about seven to eight grams.  You can grow it without utilizing a heated blanket.

For people who do not want to grow their B+ cubensis, they can order them online. However, ensure to visit the online websites to check if they have this strain on their menus. It is wise to inquire if its cost is inclusive of shipping costs to make an informed decision.

Wondering Where to Buy B Plus Shrooms in Canada?

Canada is a home of various online and offline magic mushrooms dispensaries, such as Daily Marijuana. Therefore, visit a store near you and order your B+ Shrooms.

B+ Magic Mushrooms: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

There is limited information about B Plus magic mushrooms aroma. Nonetheless, users claim that these Shrooms have a pleasant smell.

Regarding taste, these mushrooms have tasteful caramel or golden caps. Therefore, you might enjoy eating them.

Appearance-wise, B+ magic mushrooms have dense, juicy stems. Because of this, beginning growers praise this strain. Furthermore, these Shrooms have an abundance of spores. Typically experienced growers, who make their spore prints say that B+ mushrooms are heavy-spore depositors. They grow from big to huge Shrooms.

B Plus Magic Shrooms: Grow Information

This is an easy to grow strain. With ideal growing circumstances, you will harvest large mushrooms, mainly substrates rich in nutrients. The mushrooms will have a big caramel coloured cap. However, B+ mushrooms grow quite well in mediocre circumstances.

Furthermore, this is a large growing strain. Typically, it can grow to huge mushrooms with widest caps that burst out of their grow bag. You can also grow this strain inside to make you grow your mushrooms at home. Thus, you can grow B Plus mushrooms in a grow kit or B+ spores.

Effect of B+ Cubensis Shrooms

The effects of B Plus mushrooms will manifest after about ten to thirty minutes of consumption. It enhances your mood with excitement and euphoria. As well, you might experience mild-intense visual improvement, depending on your dosage. Thus, you might feel that the nature surrounding you is alive and have introspective thought. Another effect is that you might see that things around appear like they are breathing.

More interestingly, art and music might feel differently to make you have a higher appreciation. Actually, you might relate to art or music to a more personal level. Depending on your dose, this strain will offer 3-6 hours high.

B+ Cubensis Shrooms Medical Benefits

B+ cubensis gives friendly and visual trips. Besides, it is a strain that produces warm and creative high to improve your mood, mental focus, and general mental wellbeing. The different dosages of B Plus mushrooms produce different effects. Therefore, choose the right dosage for your problems or general wellness.

Possible Side Effects of B Plus Mushrooms

Even with the fantastic effects that this strain offers, it can cause some downsides. It can cause faint nausea when you consume. Therefore, start consuming low doses as you build your tolerance levels. You can also try this strain first to ascertain if it is the right product for your use.

Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

Intensity Level 1: Microdosing / Non-Psychedelic 

Suggested Dose: 0.1 g to 0.25 g dried shrooms: Microdosing is a way to take very minuscule amounts of psilocybin mushrooms. It is recommended to take a dose each 2 to 3 days to enhance creativity and decrease anxiety. With an intensity level of 1, microdosing mushrooms can be done throughout the day.

Intensity Level 2: Very Light 

Suggested Dose: 0.25 g to 0.5 g. dried shrooms: Level 2 effects are often mild and akin to being high on marijuana. Music sounds better, people appear friendlier and your mind can definitely feel the psilocybin. In addition, it is possible to have mild visual and sound effects.

Intensity Level 3: Light / Beginner

Suggested Dose: 0.5 g to 1 g. dried shrooms: The most common effects are enhanced sensations, sensitivity to light, and a slight body high. This level is a more intense experience than lower levels, but level 3 intensity can potentially pack a punch. This is especially true for new users or people with low tolerance levels. At this shroom dosage level, you can expect light hallucinations, trouble focusing, problems communicating, and an influx of euphoria.

Intensity Level 4: Average / Moderate

Suggested Dose: 1 g to 2.5 g. dried shrooms: The next intensity level is the normal dosage most people take when trying to get the ideal shroom experience. It is at this level that the real psychedelic effects occur. The effects will likely be the same as level 3, but more intense in nature. At this dosage level, there is less control over the mind and body, and there is a full set of sensations. Time slows down and your reality noticeably changes.

Intensity Level 5: High 

Suggested Dose: 2.5 to 3.5 g. dried shrooms: This intensity level is accompanied by a strong set of psychedelic sensations. It is at this dosage level that users experience the true meaning of magic mushrooms. Users will likely lose most control of their grasp on reality. It is common for users to experience heavy hallucinations and heavy bending of reality. It is important to note that this stage is for experienced shroom users and is not meant for the average person.

Intensity Level 6: Intense / Out of This World

Suggested Dose: 3.5 to 5 g. dried shrooms: It is not recommended to take this much shrooms unless you are a very experienced user with a high tolerance level. The effects at this stage become very overwhelming and intense. It is a certainty that the user will have an out of this world experience. Not many people can handle these high doses, so make sure to know that such doses are meant for those who know exactly what they are doing. In addition, it is never a good idea to do this quality of shrooms by yourself.


Do you have a wellness issue that you need to consume psilocybe cubensis b+ magic mushrooms? If yes, then start consuming this strain at low dosages as you build your tolerance levels. Its positive effects help boost your mental and physical wellness to lead a healthy, better life.

What is more, you can grow your B+ mushrooms in the comfort of your home. However, ensure that you prove the mushrooms with all the requirements to harvest large and beautiful Shrooms. Alternatively, you can order your B+ cubensis online and have them delivered at your doorstep. We hope that this review has been helpful, and you will consider trying this mushroom strain.

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