Black Cherry Soda


Black Cherry Soda is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that carries THC content levels of 18%-22% on average. Named for its black cherry-like hues of deep, reddish purple along with its berry and soda pop flavours, this strain is as tasty as it is beautiful! While its origin is mysterious and unknown, Black Cherry Soda has proven to be a popular choice amongst cannabis patients and recreational users alike due to its sweet and tasty flavours complimented by its strong effects of uplifting moods, relaxation and euphoria.


BUD SIZE: Medium – Large
LINEAGE: Unknown
EFFECTS: Uplifted, Relaxed, Euphoric & Sleepy
PHENOTYPE: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
TERPENE PROFILE: Earthy, Berries, Woody & Grapes



Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda is an eye-catching, beautiful sativa-dominant hybrid strain named after its fruity smell and distinct purple tones. Its exact lineage is unknown, but its strong THC content has made it a popular choice for crossbreeding, spawning other strain favourites like Black Dahlia and Ace of Spades. It’s perfect for clearing your head, relaxing and boosting your mood. Paired with a sweet flavour profile along with a high potency that gives users a tasty, stimulating mind and body experience, this is a strain that anyone would enjoy!


A deep sense of relaxation is probably the strongest or most common effect of the Black Cherry Soda strain. Users may experience a cerebral, head-buzz, that creeps from your head down to your ears and shoulders with a tingling sensation rather than a numbing, so even though you will feel quite relaxed, you will still also remain alert and focused. It is best suited for daytime use due to energizing effects, and would be great for those seeking to alleviate chronic pain symptoms experienced throughout the day. Effects also include strong feelings of euphoria, enthusiasm, happiness and creativity, so would be the perfect strain for those seeking relief from anxiety, depression and stress. The complementary dichotomy of a mild body high and sense of uplifting euphoria makes it a popular choice amongst both recreational and medicinal users. Common negative effects are minor and include the usual dry mouth and eyes.

THC Content

The Black Cherry Soda strain has a sativa/indica ratio of 80:20, making the sativa effects quite dominant and powerful compared to other more balanced hybrids. It does contain about 1% of CBD as well, which is what helps alleviate some stress and minor pains. Its THC content averages 18%-22%, however, this has been tested to skyrocket as high as 30%! Don’t let these high numbers scare you off though. Even though it packs quite a heavy punch, it doesn’t give you a sedated kind of sensation or result in couch-lock as the body high is relatively mild.

Appearance & Aroma

As its name suggests, the Black Cherry Soda strain is sweet and fruity in flavour, though the flavour profile is more complex than this: it has hints of berry (some report notes of citrus, too) as well as pepper and earthiness; after a few hits, you may even notice it has a creamy, soda pop-like taste. Its lushful appearance is just as attractive as its mosaic of flavours. The strain does have a look that is more typical of indica as its flowers are more densely packed, but its colours definitely sets it apart from the rest. Hues of reddish-purple, like black cherries, range from light to dark, sometimes with little very little green or with specks of orange. Its beautiful, deep purple saturations are dependent on the stimulation of something called “anthocyanins” (pigments found in plants giving them their red, blue and purple colours) in the cannabis buds during the plant’s growth period.