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More Info About This Product

Death Bubba Strain

Bred in Vancouver, Death Bubba Budder is a popular indica cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush. This strain boasts beautiful purple nugs covered with an ample amount of terpenes and trichomes, both of which account for its insanely high THC content. Fans of this strain love its extremely fragrant musky pine aroma and sweet, earthy flavour.

Death Bubba Budder Potency

Budder is an extremely potent form of concentrate, typically containing 80-90 percent THC. This is nearly five times more potent than unrefined flower which rarely exceeds 30 percent. This high potency is due to the amount of terpenes retained during extraction, a level not found in other concentrates.

Death Bubba is known for being a crazy potent strain, with a THC content ranging from 25-27 percent. As a result, inexperienced users should be careful not to overdo with this powerhouse strain.

Death Bubba Budder Effects

Once consumed, Death Bubba delivers an initial burst of focused and motivated energy. Don’t let this fool you, however, because this burst only gives you enough time to get things in order before the real effects kick in. You’ll soon experience a euphoric mental state that helps clear the head and lighten the mood. What follows are intense psychoactive experiences that sink you deeper into your thoughts and promote heavy introspection. Finally, Death Bubba’s powerful sedative properties will lull you into a deep, almost death-like slumber, which is why you should only enjoy this strain at night.

Death Bubba Budder Benefits

There are notable benefits to consuming budder over unrefined flower or other forms of cannabis concentrate. Budder allows cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream very quickly, resulting in an almost instantaneous onset of effects. Like all concentrates, smoking budder prevents the need to inhale large amounts of burning plant material, and this reduces your lungs’ exposure to harmful chemicals. The consistency of budder also makes it easier to scoop out small portions, and the high levels of terpenes offer a more flavourful experience.

In particular, Death Bubba is an excellent strain for treating a broad range of ailments. This strain’s mood stimulating abilities are great for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. The intensely numbing body stone is highly effective for treating chronic pain, inflammation, and severe muscle spasms. Users report that Death Bubba is especially beneficial for treating back pain and spinal cord injuries. The deep slumber brought on by this strain is tremendously useful for those combating insomnia as well as for people struggling with persistent nightmares.

How to Take Budder

Budder is one of the most versatile cannabis products on the market, and there are many different ways to consume it. The most popular method is dabbing, and this requires the use of a specialized water pipe known as a dab rig. Dabbing budder involves heating the rig with a blowtorch before melting a small amount of budder onto the heated surface and inhaling the vapor.

You also vape budder using a battery-operated vaporizer. Vaping operates on the same principle as dabbing but is more portable and easy to use.

Using a process known as “twaxing”, you can smoke budder without a rig by crumbling and sprinkling it on top of flower in a joint or bowl. Interestingly, this method can actually enhance the potency and effects of your unrefined flower.

Budder is even suitable for those who wish to avoid inhalation entirely. Unlike many other concentrates, budder melts easily into a liquid form. You can then add this liquid into a baking recipe to create a delicious and highly potent edible.

Budder Dosage 

Unfortunately, there is no universal dosage guide that suits everyone’s consumption habits, and different people can require very different doses. Calculating an ideal dosage depends on factors such as weight, health, body chemistry, mood, and desired level of effects. For example, a patient treating chronic pain will require a higher dosage than someone trying shatter for the first time. The recommended starting dose is 10mg THC to gauge effects. First-timers should start with the lowest possible dose and slowly increase until you find the dosage that works for you.

Final Thoughts

With its potent effects and wide range of therapeutic benefits, is there anything Death Bubba Budder can’t do? Enjoy this concentrate to release both physical and mental tension, and we guarantee you’ll be back for more in no time!