Burmese Mushroom


Microdose: 50-500 mg (TEST out these doses before taking more)
Creative Dose: 0.5–1g
Typical Recreational Dose: 1–3g (a full trip dose) For experienced users.
Heroic God Dose: 3-6g (DO NOT try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)



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Burmese Mushroom Strain Review

Burmese mushroom strain is a species extracted from a popular and fast-growing specimen, psilocybe Cubensis. This hybrid is highly potent and grows in various heights. Caps of this magic shroom strain are brown in colour, with a lighter rim and dark at the top.

This magic Burmese mushroom strain is easy and faster to grow, and it does well in a subtropical environment. You can grow this shroom in a mycelium growing kit, or a substrate. The substrate mostly contains rye grain, PF Tek, Brown rice flour, compost and dung.

Burmese mushroom strain will give the user a deep high, taking them on meditation and mellow self-discovery trip. The effects of this strain depend on the individual setting, with each person experiencing a different feeling. This Strain should be taken under a controlled routine, and it is ideal when consumed in the evening.

The effects of consuming Burmese mushroom strain will start hitting you after 10-30 minutes. Burmese shroom strain will hit you with a deep high, with reduced strength of profound insights. The user will start feeling high, where excitement, enhanced mood and euphoria will fill you. You will also get intense visual enhancements and eventually get into reflective thought.

Burmese Magic Mushroom Strain Description

This popular mushroom strain is easy to grow, and it grows to reach various height. It thrives in a subtropical environment. The spores are dark brown and subellipsoid. The stem is yellow, and it turns bluish when injured or touched. The stem measures 150mm tall. The caps are golden brown, with a dark top, with the edges of the cap being whitish. The cap measures 25-50mm. The gills’ attachment is adnexed, with a grey colour that turns black when the mushroom is mature.

The effects of consuming this mushroom strain are different from person to person. It largely depends on the individual setting and the dose taken. The museum dosage is 0.5-1.5g, and it’s the best choice for a beginner. There is a moderate dose of 2- 3.5g. Each dose should take you to an imaginary trip of 3-6 hours.

Burmese Mushroom Strain Effect

The effects of using Burmese mushroom strain are received differently, depending on the dose and individual setting. This strain can induce your mind into a state of excitement and euphoria. Your mind will go on a fantastic trip, which is quite relaxing.

The initial effect is intense, which later becomes chillier as the high hits your mind. You will gradually enter into a fantastic experience of deep thoughts and meditation. The user may also experience intense visual enhancements, which may be mild to extreme depending on the dosage.

Burmese Mushroom Strain Grow Information

Burmese mushroom strain grows very fast, and it thrives in a subtropical environment. It grows to reach various sizes, from medium to tall. The mushrooms grow healthy with minimal problems, producing heavy yields within a short time.

There are two ways to cultivate Burmese mushroom strain. You can either go for the grow kit or gathering materials and raising spores in a substrate. The grow kit is ideal for growers who want fast and easy growth.

For the grow kit, there are specific instructions to follow. When the cultivator follows the guidelines and observes optimal growth conditions, the yields will be rewarding. For the advanced cultivation using spores, you need a substrate. The substrate contains PF Tek, rye grain, dung, compost, and brown rice flour. The substrate will serve as a medium to supply the spores with nutrients necessary for growth.

Burmese Magic Mushroom Strain Medical Uses

Burmese mushroom strain is mostly used for recreational purposes, and it also exhibits therapeutic properties. If you were having a busy and thoughtful day, you could use this mushroom for relaxation. It may also help you to meditate and calm down.

Burmese mushroom strain leaves you with increased munchies urge, thus helping people with poor appetite. The highness will stimulate your mind and provide relief from distress.

Burmese Mushroom Strain Side Effects

Like any other herb, this mushroom strain may have undesirable effects. The effects are mild to intense, depending on the dosage. Taking the strain beyond your capacity will make you experience harsh effects. The effects will differ depending on the individual tolerance levels.

When you consume this mushroom, you may experience visual impairments, and your mind may get lost into an imaginary world. It may make the user start seeing things that are not real. It may also interact with some medications. Novice users should take precautions as they are likely to experience severe headaches.


Burmese mushroom strain is easy and fast to cultivate. It is a potent mushroom, with its effects hitting differently depending on the dose and individual setting. Burmese strain plant grows in various sizes, ranging from medium to tall.

Consuming this mushroom will fill your mind with excitement and euphoria, leaving you with an enhanced mood. It will also help the user relax and get time for self-meditation.  It is the best mushroom for evening use, as it will take your mind to various trips that will make you relax and get ready for another day. If you are looking forward to making a spore delicacy, Burmese mushroom strain is very rewarding.