Faded Cannabis Co. CBD Pet Relief 300mg


At Faded Cannabis Co, they know that the happiest moments come from the simplest things, and as animal lovers they understand how important it is to take care of the ones who are always there for them! Unfortunately, even our cute little four-legged friends can run into health complications  – while sometimes we can’t do much, a lot of the time, the best measures we can take are preventative ones. That’s why Faded Cannabis Co. CBD Pet Relief tinctures are made with pure MCT oil, allowing for the proper absorption and digestion of cannabidiol and support for a healthy brain and mind. The anti-oxidant properties of natural krill oil provide your pets with increased cardiovascular health, while the additional benefits of CBD help to reduce anxiety, stress, pain, and prevent further illnesses. Give every animal the love and care they deserve with Faded Cannabis Co. CBD Pet Relief tinctures!