Ganja Edibles – Peanut Butter Cup 3 x 40 (120mg THC)


3 x 40mg THC Peanut Butter Cups per Container
100% Pure Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Ganja Edibles artisanal premium infused edibles are the best tasting and best dosed medical edible product on the market. The artisans at Ganja Edibles use a premium full- spectrum food-grade cannabis oil. This full-spectrum extract reintroduces all of the essential Terpenes for an entourage of more balanced euphoric effects and no hangover.

Each delicious handcrafted peanut butter cup contains 40mg of full-spectrum THC, with a total of 120mg per container. Get them while supplies last, THESE SELL OUT FAST.

Note: Edibles can take 30-90 minutes to reach full effect after being consumed, and depending on the user can last up to 3-4 hours.



Ganja Edibles – Peanut Butter Cups (120mg THC)

Chocolate in any shape or form is dear to people with a sweet tooth. Chocolate has a way of helping you get your groove back. Its tasty nature makes you enjoy every bite. Now imagine consuming cannabis-infused edibles which give you the right medical dosage, and they make sure you enjoy it while at it. It must be great, right? The imagination has been made true by Ganja Edibles which has delicious peanut butter cups which are 100% cannabis-infused edibles.

Each peanut butter cup has 40mg of full-spectrum THC with 120mg in every container. The peanut butter cups have been baked in such a way you get a balanced, euphoric effect with no hangover. This is possible by incorporating all essential terpenes in the product.

Ganja Edibles – Peanut Butter Cups: Fragrance and Flavour

The peanut butter cups are nothing but delicious and tasty. Every bite awakens your taste buds and makes you gasp for more. You will not realize cannabis is present.

Ganja Edibles – Peanut Butter Cups: Appearance

These peanut butter cups from Ganja Edibles are packed in a small box which has four cups. The package is colourful and has the peanut cup images on top. These magic cups are packed in a cupcake which is brown in colour. The peanut butter goodies are also brown in colour.

Ganja Edibles – Peanut Butter Cups: Ingredients

Ganja Edibles has baked these yummy peanut butter cups using: peanut butter, dark chocolate, cannabis oil and milk chocolate.


These peanut butter cups from Ganja Edibles have euphoric effects. No hangover is experienced after consumption.


The magical product from Ganja Edibles will give you a euphoric experience and make sure you enjoy every bit. Consumption of marijuana should never be a dull moment. The edibles take approximately 30-90 minutes to make a consumer feel the effect after intake. The high feeling can last up to four hours, depending on every user. Make sure to enjoy these tasty edibles every chance you get.

Ganja Line Profile

As we welcome the era of marijuana legalization, we wave goodbye to poorly tasting and indecently packed marijuana edibles. However, watch out for products with incorrect THC or CBD doses, unsafe ingredients and detestable tastes. Such products come with high prices and subpar conditions, insufficient to satisfy medical or recreational marijuana consumers’ needs. However, there are several renowned brands in the market. Ganja Edibles is a highly reputable cannabis products company that believes in bringing you exceptional marijuana products at pocket-friendly prices and tastes that you will adore. Having ventured into the marijuana industry at the onset of marijuana legalization, this company has the experience, expertise, capability and is already proving to be a leader in this sector.

Marijuana does have to have an unpleasant taste profile. Thus, Ganja Edibles offers delicious, premium, and affordable products. This company has a simple yet essential mission – to improve the quality of life for all marijuana consumers. As such, all products from this company are naturally holistic to deliver exceptional healing capabilities. Moreover, their products are professionally hand-crafted and packed in decent packets and fragrances to eradicate the remaining negative stigmas against marijuana consumption. Whether you are in public or family gathering, you can enjoy marijuana disguised in sweet-tasting and highly potent treats. Proudly owned and managed by marijuana lovers, you can trust the healing potential in all Ganja Edibles’ product line.

The owners of Ganja Edibles understand and appreciate the massive healing potentials of the marijuana plant. Thus, their products optimize the medical potency of the hemp plant to deliver effective treatment for patients combatting a myriad of illnesses. Further, these products maintain the delightful potency of marijuana through a strict preservation of quality and purity in the extraction process. Each of these marijuana-infused edibles is made with paramount professionalism, precision, and care. Thus, you can indulge without worrying about quality and break away from the daily chaos of life. Within thirty minutes of consuming Ganja Edible’s products, you will love the comprehensive body and mind relaxing effect that will make you crave more. Besides, the overall calming sensation is suitable for people looking to forget a long and stressful day.

While Ganja Edibles are super potent and tasty, which made a name for the company is its extensive product line. This wide selection of cannabis confections consists of yummy products and treats, including lollipops, chocolate barscookies, and gummies. The company even takes the marijuana experience a whole new level with its “bag of cocks” consisting of penis-shaped marijuana treats. However, this is exclusively for consumers with a great sense of humour. Besides, this product portfolio features products made from various marijuana strains, including Sativas and Indicas.  In addition, the products are available in varying potency levels and strengths ideal for all levels of marijuana consumers, including newbies and advanced stoners. Thus, whether you seek low-dose marijuana to keep you active or a couch-lock, Ganja Edibles has something for you.

Although Ganja Edibles are highly potent and pure, they do not taste like it. The company utilizes ultra modern infusion techniques to infuse high levels of THC into edibles. Hence, these tasty packs of yummies nicely disguise the nasty cannabis taste. Once you introduce these products to your taste buds, you will never go back to taking nasty weed-tasting edibles. Instead, you will opt for Ganja Edibles’ all-natural, creamy, fruity and smooth bites that will make you treasure and adore every bite. The company accurately infuses excellent taste profiles that will even make you forget the treats contain marijuana. However, always limit yourself to one or two treats as these edibles are highly potent and can easily knock you out.

Ganja is aware of the ever-increasing brands producing marijuana products. Thus, the company strives to stand out in the market with products that exceed customer expectations and quality standards. As such, while the current market boasts of a significant number of brands producing high-quality edibles, not all edibles are equal. Ganja’s products go through a multi-step infusion process and consist of authentic ingredients. The final product is a marijuana treat with delectable tastes that haven’t compromised quality, potency, and purity. As such, this product will get you high within several minutes, a high that will last about four to eight hours.

All marijuana enthusiasts and connoisseurs know that a marijuana edible stands out from the crowd through the production process. Thus, Ganja employs strict measures and guidelines for ensuring their products maintain quality in the entire production process. Further, this quality control also applies to the raw hemp plant regarding the tendering process. This ensures the plant is free from pesticides, GMOs, and fertilizes. Through the years, Ganja has created relationships with experienced marijuana growers and reputable marijuana concentrate producers. Therefore, each of their products contains authentic THC or CBD obtained from organically grown plants and extracts that are solvent-free. Every batch of this outsourced pure cannabis extract is counter checked for quality and authenticity in Ganja’s labs.

Furthermore, Ganja blends all the extracts with flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes through a fat-soluble base to create a holistic marijuana concentrate. Thus, you will get to enjoy the holistic healing property of marijuana and its massive potency. After blending the base with THC, it is infused to Ganja’s yummy treats following unique recipes. These recipes require all ingredients to be 100% natural, eliminating any chances of artificial flavours, preservatives, and sweeteners. Lastly, the end product goes through a rigorous testing process to determine its THC and CBD levels. Additionally, this testing process ensures the final product is pure and does not contain moulds, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Besides, Ganja’s transparency levels require that all products go through independent labs to confirm their authenticity. This ensures that everything in this product line is 100% safe for consumption. Nonetheless, the company does not tire from continuously improving its products to open up new possibilities for marijuana consumers. Thus, Ganja yummies gets better with every batch. Therefore, if you are looking to obtain authentic medical marijuana or getting incredibly high, you know where to get the best products! At Ganja Edibles, never doubt of consistency, quality, potency, and purity in their marijuana products.


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