Lumo-X 16 inch Leaf Bud Bowl Trimmer Package with Trimming Blades and Hand Pruner Scissors, stainless steel bowl, food-grade non-toxic rubber fingers, perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Gardening, Hydroponics


  • All Scenarios: Sharpened stainless steel straight, serrated and X-shape blades trim twigs and leaves efficiently in both wet and dry conditions
  • High Visibility: Transparent plastic cap ensures perfect visibility and precise cutting
  • Easy Maintenance: Removable handle and blades with all stainless steel bowl surface make collecting and cleaning easy
  • Easy Operation: Portable handle can rotate in two directions and trim sugar leaves off efficiently
  • Package Includes: 1 set of straight blade, 1 set of serrated blade, and 2 pieces of X blade that can be easily installed into bowl trimmer. Extra trimming scissors and clipping scissors are included in the package as well.