Mastermind – Cookies & Cream (3000mg)


Ingesting Psilocybin Mushrooms has never tasted so good. The Mastermind 3000mg Cookies & Cream Bar provides an easy, consistent, reliable and tasty way to ingest your Magic Mushrooms. These bars contain 3000mg of our premium Psilocybe Cubensis blend and are distributed evenly in 15 x 200mg squares. Whether you are looking to go on a magical journey, or microdose daily, the 1500mg Cookies & Cream Bar is a favourite amongst all!

First time user recommended dosage: Start with 2 doses (400mg). Allow 30-60 minutes for full effect before another dose is considered.

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MasterMind – Cookies & Cream (3000mg)

Relishing your regular dose of shrooms hasn’t been more delightful. With the help of Mastermind Cookies & Cream (3000mg), you will obtain a substantial dose of its magic mushroom from each bite. Its chocolate bar has a 3000mg of psilocybin and chocolate cookie crumbles. Thus, each square has 100mg of authentic magic mushroom.

MasterMind – Cookies & Cream (3000mg) Fragrance and Flavour

This quality magic mushroom coupled with bites of cookies and a rich chocolate flavour creates a memorable trip you will live to remember. Therefore, you will no longer have to suffer through the distasteful flavour of shrooms. Mastermind will ensure your trip is potent and pleasurable way beyond belief.

MasterMind – Cookies & Cream (3000mg) Appearance

This MasterMind company has a unique and outstanding product with a beautiful blend of psilocybin mushrooms enabling you to experience a mind-altering pleasure. Besides, Mastermind seeks to provide quality and trustworthy ingredients to its client base. This chocolate bar has a 3000mg of psilocybin blended with the appealing chocolate cookie crumbles.


Providing premium products to its client base through meets their extreme standards is a priority for MasterMind. The result is an exotic crafted edible and shrooms capsules fully packed with everything your body needs and desires with priority given to the 150mg of psilocybin as its main component.

MasterMind – Cookies & Cream (3000mg) Effect

Mastermind has proven time and again of its products’ premium quality score that surpasses the rest in terms of efficiency, flavour and quality. You will experience a pleasant and relaxing trip without the worry of trouble knocking. Hence, recommended after taking a light meal. You get to experience the ultimate effects and results from 3 to 4 days later. Besides, it also assists avoid experiencing discomfort. After consumption, wait for an hour for the effects to show.


In Conclusion, Mastermind recommends taking a single square of chocolate in intervals to get the best effects and results. Since this chocolate has high potency, the most experienced user is no exception to the rule of a square at a time. Take a light meal before your dose. Whether you intend to enjoy the full treat instantly or break is in small doses, Mastermind will give you a whole new experience with their MasterMind Cookies & Cream (3000mg).

Mastermind Profile

Mastermind is a top fungi distributor based in British Columbia, Canada. This company specializes in shroom edibles and top-of-line shroom capsules. The devotion of this firm is towards producing the best mushroom products that Canada has to offer. Since there are hundreds of brands and thousands of mushroom products to select from, it can be hard to find the best shroom for you. However, whether you are looking for recreational shrooms or intending to go on a spiritual journey, Mastermind has got you sorted. You can now reap the massive benefits and potency of mushroom products with Mastermind’s products, whose taste and dosing are accurate.

Whether you are an experienced psychonaut or a novice user, there is always a product that will pique your interest in the vast Mastermind’s product portfolio. As such, you will no longer have a hard time wading through subpar products that do not meet your personal needs of what you are looking for in magic mushrooms.

Regardless of the potency you want from magic mushrooms, Mastermind has the perfect product selection. In its product line, there are numerous products with varying strengths to meet the individual needs of different consumers. For instance, newbies can enjoy the psilocybin, a gentle dose of mushroom. Besides, you can subdivide the mushroom chocolates into gentler microdoses if your body handles them better that way. The advanced and pro mushroom connoisseurs can enjoy the 5000 mg. chocolate bars designed just for them. No matter what potency you are looking for in marijuana products, Mastermind has a special hand-crafted treat to keep you active and happy.

If you worry about the quality of the mushroom products you get, Mastermind commits its expertise to provide top-quality and world-class marijuana products. The quality assurance standards in this company cut across the entire supply chain system in the company. All their raw materials are obtained from reputable sources. In addition, and the packaging of the final product is something most companies cannot beat. Besides, the seamless and beautiful packages in which these products come in make your experience more enjoyable. Further, all their edibles and capsules contain all-natural ingredients. These ingredients are clearly indicated on each product’s package. As such, you will precisely know what you are consuming and the best way to do so.

Mastermind’s mindset is wired around producing the best mushroom products. As such, the company opts for Canadian-grown psilocybin. Besides, Canada is known for producing the best magic mushrooms across the world. This exceptional philosophy has helped Mastermind build an incredibly impressive edibles product line. Alongside these premium edibles, the company produces high-end shroom capsules. Whether you want to enjoy alone or with a group of friends, you will get nothing short of a total breeze. Whether you are in the mood or not, Mastermind’s products always find a way to get you right into your trip. Also, your taste buds will adore the delectable flavours of these treats.

If you are looking for high doses of premium mushroom concentrates, try out the Mastermind’s Chocolate bars. These shroom-based treats are the most potent in the market. These are not an everyday treat, but when you choose to travel to a whole new world, they are your best bet. These psilocybin chocolate bar delights are available in your favourite tastes, including dark chocolate and white chocolate. There are also cookie and cream flavours for consumers who prefer crispy products and provide you with an ultimate variety. If you want something rich or something lighter on the stomach, there is a product for you in Mastermind’s product line. Further, you have the option for 1500mg or 3000mg, depending on your preferred high and potency. Besides, if you need a super-potent product, there is a 5000 mg. product for you that comes in milk and dark chocolate bars.

Whether you enjoy magic mushroom doses in large or small quantities, Mastermind has got you sorted. All their chocolate bars break easily, making it easy for users who prefer microdoses. Thus, you can consume your desired doses of shrooms over a defined period to maintain consistent effects. Besides, this is also ideal for novice users seeking to determine how much potency their bodies can handle. On the other hand, experienced users can enjoy one square of chocolate each day to enjoy gentler and milder effects instead of experiencing full-blown effects. However, you are not limited. You can consume more than one chocolate square, as long as your body can handle the effects.

The shroom blend capsules from Mastermind provide an efficient and easy way of consuming magic mushrooms. All you need to do is swallow your favourite capsule using water or your preferred beverage. Then, wait for 30 minutes for the effects. If you dislike the natural taste of the magic mushroom, you can take Mastermind’s capsule without tasting the magic shroom a bit. Ultimately, the company has mastered a unique art of crafting the capsules. It users ginger root extracts and blends them with psilocybin to eliminate the discomforts of consuming psilocybin on its own. Overall, you will get a calming and relaxing experience enjoying a perfect shroom without worrying about adverse effects. Mastermind’s recommendation is for you to take the capsules after a simple meal. This should continue consistently every four days or less to obtain optimum experience.

Over the years, Mastermind has mastered and skill of exceeding customer expectations. It has consistently raised the bar for mushroom products in flavours, tastes, efficacy, and quality. Their products rank above other brands in this industry for their strict adherence to extreme standards or quality. Regardless of what your body needs and wants in mushroom, Mastermind is here to give you a magical mushroom experience. Lucky for you, the company has partnered with platforms like Get Kush to facilitate online sales for their products. As such, you can order and have your favourite mushroom products shipped right to your doorstep. All you need is to verify your age and Canadian citizenship! It is all on you now to decide when you want to experience the magical mushroom experience with Mastermind’s products.

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