Microgenix – Macro Capsules


You’ve dabbled in the subtle, tapped into the comfort of mild magic, and want to take the next venture into the profound — meet Macro! We currently offer 3 carefully curated strains:

Albino Avery is perfect for creating euphoria, excitement, and overall mood elevation.

Golden Teacher has a long spiritual history of creating visuals, enhanced colour, lightness, and powerful emotions.

Cambodian Cubensis (often referred to as the “Sativa of mushrooms”) stimulates the mind while boosting mood and creativity.



Vegan / Gluten-Free / Organic / Canadian


Euphoric + Connected

Psychedelic Experience

We suggest choosing a setting and surrounding that is light and familiar, to ensure you’re fully able to soak in and enjoy your psilocybin trip! Everyone is unique, so we recommend 1 capsule to feel it out and 5+ capsules for the full experience. Open the mind, be patient, and enjoy the magic!


450mg Dried Psilocybe / Capsule

50mg Ginger Root

How to use:

Macro doses are intended for those who are seeking a deeper + more intense psilocybin journey. Start small and work your way up to ensure a positive experience. 5 Capsules are recommended for full psychoactive effects.