MK Ultra – BURN Mega Sized 2mL Disposable Vapes


MK Ultra is a potent indica marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with G13. This strain produces euphoric effects that are fast-acting and best for when strong medication is desired.



More Info About This Product

Burn Mega MK Ultra Disposable Vapes come in a whopping 2ml size. They are build well with a sleek lightweight design with incredible artistic packaging that’ll make you want to collect them all!

The MK Ultra strain is a popular indica-leaning strain known for its powerful cerebral and above all hypnotic effects. It is the child of the OG Kush strain and G-13, so it’s no wonder it’s such a powerhouse. In addition, it has a sweet and piney flavour profile that’s super refreshing on the palate.

MK Ultra is the most potent strains globally renowned for its intense cerebral high and hypnotic effects. Given the strong nature of its effects, the MK Ultra strain is not suitable for novices. In conclusion, even seasoned recreational or medicinal cannabis users will have to be careful with the amount they consume.

It has a distinctive aroma. Cannabis users say it is an unusual mixture of burnt plastic, lemon, and diesel. MK Ultra’s earthy and more pungent flavours on the inhale and its woody, after that piney flavours on the exhale.
MK Ultra helps address include:

• arthritis

• muscular pain

• lower back pain.