Peanut Butter Breath Craft Top Shelf Weed (AAAA) – Hybrid Weed


TYPE: AAAA Craft Top Shelf
GRADE: Hybrid
EFFECTS: Body High, Cerebral, Hungry, Relaxing, Uplifting
HELPS WITH: Chronic Pain, Depression, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress



More Info About This Product

Hybrid weed with a nutty experience for your senses

Peanut Butter Breath’s earthy tones make for a great time that provides such a rich and natural experience. The cerebral life will do wonders for your body. If you’re looking to buy online weed such as Peanut Butter Breath, you’re at the right place!



The sheer benefits of this hybrid weed is amazing

Discover the sensations your body will receive as it relieves your stubborn problems

Peanut Butter Breath AAAA works to combat your physical and psychological issues. After a long day, those problems accumulate, and you get overwhelmed. Hybrid weed is meant to give you the relaxation that you deserve. Use it to treat various conditions such as temporary pain and aches from injury, headaches, or bruising. It can help combat symptoms from chronic issues such as arthritis. Because of its psychoactive properties, it helps various conditions ranging from stress and nausea to depression and anxiety. If you find that you have a loss of appetite, let Peanut Butter Breath reignite that hunger of yours.


Effects / Features

Know what’s in for your body when you take hybrid weed

This hybrid strain offers plenty of features to give you the satisfaction that you deserve

Peanut Butter Breath top shelf weed will provide you with an experience that will leave you wanting more each time. The high starts hitting your head and gives you an uplifting boost. As it sits there, you will feel tingling sensations that begin to make their way through the rest of your body. The buzzing feeling you get will leave you hopelessly relaxed and in a trance. You can dissociate from your problems and become a little bit carefree. Make sure you have something to eat ready since the munchies you get will start hitting soon after!



This quad hybrid weed strain has a lot to offer

Find out what gives Peanut Butter Breath the exceptional qualities it has

Peanut Butter Breath crosses the Do-si-dos and Mendobreath F2 strains into an evenly balanced hybrid weed strain of indica and sativa. The long-lasting effects are due to the insanely high average THC level between 18-28%. You can experience the rich and nutty flavours and aromas it has. You might even taste pine and woody tones that also mirror its smells. Peanut Butter Breath comes in a grape shape with olive green nuggets with purple blotches and fiery orange hairs. Littered throughout its surface is a sticky coating of crystal-like trichomes. Don’t hesitate to buy this fantastic product.