PF Classic Magic Mushrooms


The PF Classic strain (aka psilocybin fanaticus) is a rarely cultivated psilocybin mushroom. Grown using the PF-TEK method they are known for high potency and an incredible all-around trip.

This Strain does best on pf-tek or brown rice flour cakes, hence the name. Late to mature, this one doesn’t drop spores until the mushrooms are fully grown, making for clean cakes that produce many flushes.



PF Classic Mushroom Review

Psilocybin Fanaticus classic mushroom (aka PF classic shrooms and Psylocybe Fanaticus) got its name from Psilocybe Fanaticus. The main reason for this name is because of a growing method called PF-Tek initiated by Psilocybe Fanaticus in 1991 and was widely used. This magic mushroom matures slowly producing above-average production. It does best with PF Tek or BRF techniques.  Also, earthy coloured flour cake from rice is a great substrate that matches well with this shroom. Psilocybe Fanaticus is widely known for its late spore production. Another significant feature of this shroom is its heavy flushes production. The best way to grow this magic mushroom is by finding spore print using a spore syringe. But, they should not be kept for so long before they are planted.

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PF Classic Shroom: What is it?

PF classic shroom is a top psychedelic among the fungi species. Albert Hofman identified this shroom as mind-manifesting due to its exclusive effects when taken. Psylocybe Fanaticus is an easy to cultivate shroom fitting even first-time growers. It has a simple growing technique, Psilocybe Fanaticus Technique, which requires fewer items.  Laboratory tools such as pressure canner or Petri dishes are not required during cultivation.

The caps of Psilocybe Fanaticus are fairly dull red and thick. It begins vault-like and goes to plane at the development and keeps on developing until it is overturned and tangled. The gills have a profound earthy coloured, with dashes of purplish spore residues across and around the top. Another feature that distinguishes Psilocybin Fanaticus shroom is the nature of its stem. Depending on humidity, it can be long and weighty or short and fat. With loads of air and moistness, the PF stem is thick-fleshed, thin, and white. The tissue of this shroom is one of a kind among all the species. It is a lot like delicate clammy bread. However, once in a while, there can be a touch of fibrousness to a great extent.

Wondering where to Buy PF Classic Magic Mushroom in Canada

You can get this magic mushroom by shopping on the web in any form that you need. You will receive your package at your doorstep. Further, you can buy the shroom in your nearby mushroom dispensaries and recreational shops like Daily Marijuana. In case this does not work, you can ask your allies for help.

PF Classic Shroom: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

PF classic magic mushroom has a sweaty sock smell that is experienced when ground. To lessen this aroma, you can take the shroom by dissolving it in your favourite juice.

This shroom has a particular earthy taste and elastic-like feel making them extremely chewy. Some would blend the mushrooms in nutty butter or some other type of sugar to cover its taste. So it’s ideal for shrouding the bitter taste by making it as tea or composing them into shroom edibles.

Reliant to the humidity of the surrounding, PF classic shrooms’ stems can be short and fat or long and hefty. The thick caps of Psylocybe Fanaticus starts with a fairly dull red and moves to plane at development. Then, it keeps on developing until it is overturned and tangled. Gills have a profound earthy coloured, with dashes of purplish spore residues across and around the top.

PF Classic Mushroom: Grow Information

Growing PF classic mushrooms is simple; hence beginners can also try it out. The shrooms perform best with PF-Tek or BRF techniques. In PF-Tek, you add spores to the substrate using a syringe. The spores will grow slowly developing a mycelium colonizing the whole substrate with time. A most preferred substrate is earthy coloured flour cakes from rice for this magic mushroom. Psilocybe Fanaticus is known for late spore production, that is until it is completely developed. If well fed during cultivation, PF classic shrooms produce heavy flushes.

Effects of PF Classic Magic Mushroom

This magic shroom offers great yet gentle hallucinogenic effects making it ideal even for mushroom starters. Psilocybin Fanaticus gives the user an intense psychedelic effect due to its high potency. It is said that this mushroom can convey impacts that are like the impacts of strong weed edibles. However, it is prescribed for first-time clients to ideally be at home while they explore this powerful shroom.  This because of its ability to affect equalization and cause a deep body stoned impact.

Psilocybin Fanaticus Mushroom Medical Benefits

A dosage of 0.8-1gram of Psylocybe Fanaticus is recommended for beginners to experience medical effects. Experienced users can take a little bit of higher doses. Due to the psychedelic effects, it is used for spirit and mind restoration. This is because users experience new insight into everything after taking it.

Possible Side Effects of PF Classic Magic Mushroom

Like all mushrooms, PF classic causes psychedelic impacts on the consumers. The experience is more farsighted with visualizations. If taken in high dosages, Psylocybe Fanaticus can lead to hostile impacts on the users. Therefore, the controllable usage of this magic mushroom is recommended.

Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

Intensity Level 1: Microdosing / Non-Psychedelic 

Suggested Dose: 0.1 g to 0.25 g dried shrooms: Microdosing is a way to take very minuscule amounts of psilocybin mushrooms. It is recommended to take a dose each 2 to 3 days to enhance creativity and decrease anxiety. With an intensity level of 1, microdosing mushrooms can be done throughout the day.

Intensity Level 2: Very Light 

Suggested Dose: 0.25 g to 0.5 g. dried shrooms: Level 2 effects are often mild and akin to being high on marijuana. Music sounds better, people appear friendlier and your mind can definitely feel the psilocybin. In addition, it is possible to have mild visual and sound effects.

Intensity Level 3: Light / Beginner

Suggested Dose: 0.5 g to 1 g. dried shrooms: The most common effects are enhanced sensations, sensitivity to light, and a slight body high. This level is a more intense experience than lower levels, but level 3 intensity can potentially pack a punch. This is especially true for new users or people with low tolerance levels. At this shroom dosage level, you can expect light hallucinations, trouble focusing, problems communicating, and an influx of euphoria.

Intensity Level 4: Average / Moderate

Suggested Dose: 1 g to 2.5 g. dried shrooms: The next intensity level is the normal dosage most people take when trying to get the ideal shroom experience. It is at this level that the real psychedelic effects occur. The effects will likely be the same as level 3, but more intense in nature. There is less control over the mind and body and a full set of sensations at this dosage level. Time slows down and your reality noticeably changes.

Intensity Level 5: High 

Suggested Dose: 2.5 to 3.5 g. dried shrooms: This intensity level is accompanied by a strong set of psychedelic sensations. It is at this dosage level that users experience the true meaning of magic mushrooms. Users will likely lose most control of their grasp on reality. It is common for users to experience heavy hallucinations and heavy bending of reality. Also, it is important to note that this stage is for experienced shroom users. It is not meant for the average person.

Intensity Level 6: Intense / Out of This World

Suggested Dose: 3.5 to 5 g. dried shrooms: It is not recommended to take this much shrooms unless you are a very experienced user with a high tolerance level. The psilocybin induced effects at this stage become very overwhelming and intense. It is a certainty that the user will have an out of this world experience. Not many people can handle these high doses, so make sure to know that such doses are meant for those who know exactly what they are doing. In addition, it is never a good idea to do this quality of shrooms by yourself.


PF classic mushroom will offer you admirable experience all round growing-wise and consumption-wise. With correct care, Psylocybe Fanaticuswill give you more than average production. Its psychedelic effect gives you a new insight and helps in restoring spirit and mind. The best thing is that they are easily accessible online and local recreational shops.

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