Platinum Death Bubba


Platinum Death Bubba is an Indica strain that comes from a crossover between Bubba Kush and Platinum OG Kush. This strain’s high THC level is meant for experienced users ready for an intense high.

Platinum Death Bubba has very colourful buds that are a pleasant medium to dark green, decorated with bold carrot-orange hairs. The buds are somewhat cone-shaped and densely packed. Platinum Death Bubba’s flavour and aroma are both noticeably strong and delicious. When smoked, users will enjoy a delightful floral, spicy, and sweet flavour with a long-lasting aroma to match.

Platinum Death Bubba is a very strong strain that has potent effects. The effects can take a little while to truly set in, making it a “creeper strain”. However, once the high begins to really take hold, users are in for an intense treat. Users will first notice a heavy, deep relaxation set into the body. Euphoria will then take hold, followed by a slight sleepiness and an insatiable appetite. Medical marijuana users will benefit from using this strain to treat anxiety, depression, poor appetite, insomnia and pain.