Room 920 Blue Moon Tea – Lemon Ginger Herbal Loose Tea


Blue Moon Tea by Room 920 is a Lemon Ginger Herbal loose tea infused with amazonian cubensis mushrooms. This package contains one serving and we suggest to steep the loose tea in 1 cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes.

Each Blue Moon Tea contains 1 Gram of Amazonian Cubensis



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Room 920 – Blue Moon Tea

There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious cup of herbal tea to help you relax and unwind. But what if we added a precisely measured dose of psilocybin into the mix? This Blue Moon Herbal Tea from Room 920 is an amazing way to experience the amazing effects and valuable benefits of magic mushrooms. Each pack of loose-leaf tea contains premium-quality magic mushroom extract as well as an organic blend of lemongrass, ginger, and blue pea flowers. This magic mushroom tea is great-tasting and super easy to use. Just steep your tea in a cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes, then you’re ready to go!

Each bag of Room 920 Blue Moon Tea holds a single serving that contains 1000mg of Amazonian Cubensis mushroom extract. Room 920 specifically chose this popular magic mushroom strain for its euphoric effects and reliable trip. Consuming magic mushrooms in the form of tea can cause effects to kick in relatively quickly. You’ll also experience a more intense trip than if you were to consume dry magic mushrooms. The effects of this include feelings of euphoria, enhanced creativity, and deep introspection. You may also experience visual, auditory, and even tactile hallucinations. Magic mushroom tea can improve your self-awareness and help you tackle emotional and mental challenges. Medically, this tea can also provide relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other psychological ailments. We aren’t kidding when we say this tea is nothing short of magical!

Room 920 aims to create some of the purest, safest, and highest quality magic mushrooms products on the market. All Room 920 products contain extract from premium organic mushrooms sourced from experienced and trustworthy cultivators. In addition, every product goes through a strict quality control and testing process to maintain consistent dosing and potency.

Give your mind, body, and soul the love they deserve with Room 920’s Blue Moon Tea! Grab a pack today and treat yourself to a psychedelic journey like no other.

Company Overview

Enrich and enlighten your life with Room 920 magic mushroom edibles! Room 920 is a leading distributor of premium quality magic mushrooms and psilocybin-infused edibles. With delicious flavour and reliable dosing, these edibles are a great way to open your mind and express your creativity. Room 920 products use only the best and safest ingredients to give you the best psychedelic experience possible. Try any of their amazing products to experience some of the best shroom edibles in the industry!

As the magic mushroom industry grows, so does the number of low-quality, profit-driven brands. That’s why Room 920 is here to make sure you only consume the best of the best! Room 920 is a Canadian company that specializes in creating potent, high-quality psilocybin magic mushrooms and psilocybin-infused edibles. Their goal is to use Mother Nature’s best-kept secret to help enhance your health and overall wellness. With a broad selection of unique and amazing products, you’ll have no problem finding the right psychedelic sweet for you. Perfect for any psychonaut, Room 920 products are the best way to experience the many benefits of magic mushrooms!

Despite their multitude of incredible benefits, the bitter taste and gritty texture of raw dried mushrooms make many people shy away. Luckily, Room 920 offers gourmet shroom edibles with outstanding flavours your taste buds will actually enjoy. Once they satisfy your sweet tooth, Room 920 edibles will give you a much-needed spiritual escape. You don’t even have to worry about an upset stomach with these mind-altering treats. With a broad menu of shroom chocolatesgummies, and more, Room 920 has everything you need to enjoy ultimate psychedelic bliss!

All Room 920 edibles contain psilocybin extracted from high-quality organic Golden Teachers mushrooms. Room 920 hand-picked this famous shroom strain for its reliable yet potently euphoric effects. These edibles are perfect for beginners who want to experience a true psychedelic trip while still remaining comfortably in control. Room 920 edibles also easily segment into smaller pieces to make microdosing more convenient than ever before!

Room 920 knows exactly what it takes to produce safe, high-quality magic mushroom edibles. This company only uses mushrooms sourced from growers who practice ethical, sustainable cultivation. Room 920 also handcrafts all of their edibles without the use of any artificial sweeteners, flavours, or preservatives. What you put into your body matters, and Room 920 makes sure you’re only consuming the best ingredients available.

Most importantly, all Room 920 products are tested by a qualified, independent laboratory. These third-party tests ensure consistent and accurate dosing as well as overall safety and quality. All test results are available online in order to provide complete transparency. When you purchase from Room 920, you’re receiving a safe, high-quality edible from a shroom brand you can trust.

Get out of your head and into your soul with the help of Room 920 shroom shop! Room 920 shroom edibles are a convenient, great-tasting way to dive headfirst into the weird world of psychedelics. Treat yourself to one of these top-shelf edibles today, and we guarantee you’ll love them as much as we do! So shop now at WeedSmart and try out all the wonderful products Room 920 has to offer.