Sampler Combo Pack AAA


New to Potsmart or just don’t know which flower strain to get next?

The Speed Greens Sampler Pack includes four different premium AAA strains at 7g each (total 28g). You will receive a mixture of sativa, hybrid, and indica strains.

This is a perfect way to try out some of our best flower at more than 35% discount off of the retail price!

Please note: Limit to one sampler pack per order.  Strains are subject to change and will change periodically based on availability.



Best weed strains with full range “Trips” can give you

This Sampler Combo Pack gives you the convenience of trying multiple strains at a bargain price. Take your time as you figure out which product is right for you. Enjoy it with friends or by yourself; the possibilities are endless. A Sampler Pack is a great way to try some of the best weed strains.



Multiple strains at our weed shop that offer plenty of benefits

Give Your Body The Relieving Sensations It Deserves With The Best Weed Strains

This Sampler Pack contains four different strains that mold your liking. It offers a wide range of benefits, especially in a medicinal sense. You can find relief from your most stubborn aches and pains. It can help against temporary conditions, such as headaches, inflammation, and nausea, to chronic conditions such as arthritis, nerve damage, and stress. You might find that it works incredibly well in a social setting. When you’re around good company with the best weed strains, the moment is hard to top. You’ll be feeding off all the positive energy, which can help tackle anxiety and bouts of depression.


Effects / Features

Let your mind surrender to the abundance of positive vibes

The Sampler Packs At Our Weed Shop Contain The Best To Achieve Max Satisfaction

The varying strains cover a whole range of effects. The pack features strains from the main families: sativa and indica (with the possibility of a hybrid strain). The sativa strain will leave you energized, alert, and focused on taking on the day. You might even experience bouts of creativity. The indica strain gives your body a mellow and relaxing sensation. Its sedative properties keep you locked on top of whatever you’re resting on. Lastly, the hybrid strain combines the best of both worlds into one. Because you have such a wide range of possibilities to choose from, the Sampler Pack at our weed shop is your best bet at finding out which effects your body enjoys the most.



Buy the Sampler Pack exclusive at our weed shop!

Find An Assortment Of Strains All Packed Into One For Your Convenience

The Sampler Combo Pack (AAA) features staff handpicked strain that is catered for the cannabis enthusiasist!
It is the perfect way to try out more strains! Altogether, you’re getting an ounce of weed that is split into 4 DIFFERENT strains. That way, you can never get bored of smoking the same strain and it’s a collection of the best weed strains. You can bring it to parties, social gatherings, or as a present to your loved ones. This deal is a no-brainer!