Wesley Tea Co. – Nightea Night


Nightea Night by Wesley Tea Company contains a soothing and flavourful blend of organic chamomile, hibiscus, rose petals, and lemongrass. After drinking this tea you will have an improved mood and feel relieved of stress. Nightea Night is the perfect THC tea for winding down before bedtime.

Each package contains 10 packets of tea (60mg THC per tea bag)

Wesley Tea is an organization of expert tea herbalists, naturopaths, artisans, and growers coming together to create premium, hand-blended cannabis teas. Cannabis tea is steeped in history – more than 2000 years of history, to be precise. Since 2737 BC, cannabis has been consumed across the world in its hot, cold, steeped, and blended variants to provide relief and comfort.

Practicing sustainable harvesting, each of Wesley Tea’s soothing blends uses CBD and THC distillate derived from organic cannabis, Wesley Tea takes care to preserve this tradition by respecting the steep, sip, savour ritual of traditional tea-steeping.

Hand-blended with care, their mission is to ensure that every cup of Wesley Tea creates an aromatic experience that awakens your senses and leaves you feeling your best.